Jack (Subject Zero) from Mass Effect (Art)

If I Die, I’m Haunting You, Shepard

Jack, impulsive and dangerous girl with difficult past and mysterious future, ex-prisoner and extremely powerful biotics user, she’s the one which trust is hard to earn, but once she’s in your team, you’re unstoppable.

She’s one of the most controversial characters in Mass Effect 2 and her visual appearance of the body tells its own story. For this drawing, I’ve used her appearance in Mass Effect 3 (ponytail and more calm & confident look), but kept the overall mood of the series – dark and sensual sci-fi notes. That’s why I choose the Citadel as the background idea – the top levels of this space station is rarely shown in the game, and it looks like a perfect place for a scene like this. Imagine it as you want.

Scroll down and click to see and zoom in the full picture.

I had an idea of making NSFW version of this picture, but then I thought ‘It’s Jack, her casual outfit is just some strange bands hardly covering her breasts”, so come on, silk T-shirt on naked body is a top level decency in this case 🤣

Hope my Instagram won’t get blocked cause of it

Closeup of Jack’s hand.
Click to zoom in.

If you want to draw like this or better, here’s a little reminder for you:

  1. Paper sketch,
  2. Clean digital line art with flat lines
  3. Flat color fill (You can use vector shapes)
  4. Line art color fill at 95% of opacity
  5. Ambient Occlusion and Volume shading (Multiply mode)
  6. Sharp shadows
  7. Soft shadows
  8. Atmosphere shading
  9. Lightning and color lightning (Screen mode)
  10. Color reflex (Overlay mode)
  11. Material textures
  12. Glossy
  13. Final details
  14. Visual effects if needed

Here’s a visual breaking down of the artwork:

Never give up, go in your own tempo. You’ll get where you want, trust me.

You deserve only the best, my friend.

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