Mordin Solus from Mass Effect (Art)

Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong

I’m slowly continuing to add more pictures in my big Mass Effect fan art series. So here’s Mordin, Salarian scientist with a strange sense of humor, sometimes emotionless behavior and kind heart beneath this space suit.

He’s quite important and very interesting side character from Normandy SR-1 crew. His character development shows him as a deep character that changes during his journey and get a chance for redemption for his own and his people’s crime against other species. The title quote is from his last journey, if the player/Shepard will let him cure genophage and face the consequences.

Scroll down and click to see and zoom in the full picture.

At first, I wanted to show Mordin on Citadel, but it wouldn’t suit my darker color scheme of my image series since there’s always a day time on this space statin with artificial skies. So I change the color scheme to resemble Tuchanka (Krogan’s home world) more, and I realized that I can’t ignore the most famous scene from the trilogy. For me, Mordin is a tragic figure, and when I decided to show his happy side, That’s why there are red colors and ashes-alike disintegration effect (I know I’m using it too often, but it looks cool, right?)

Closeup of Mordin’s head.
Click to zoom in.

Also, I’m planning to do art streams on YouTube and this drawing was made partly live. Here’s 100x speeded up version of this stream:

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Here’s how I do drawings like this: 1) Paper sketch, 2) Clean digital line art with flat lines, 3) Flat color fill, 4) Line art color fill at 95% of opacity, 5) Ambient Occlusion and Volume shading, 6) Sharp shadows, 7) Soft shadows, 8) Atmosphere shading, 9) Lightning and color lightning, 10) Color reflex, 11) Material textures, 12) Glossy, 13) Final details, 14) Visual effects if needed. Here’s a visual breaking down of the artwork:

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