Spock (Star Trek)

Live long and prosper…


Vulcan Spock from the famous Star Trek show and sci-fi film series (the old ones, before the Abrams reboot, were very good – although his new films are also quite nothing for adrenaline-fueled sci-fi action films at one time, which is for Star Trek, however, not very good). A cool character played by Leonard Nimoy – half human, half Vulcan, exploring his humanity and seeking a balance between mind and heart.

In this drawing, my goal was to draw something with brush strokes and do it quickly enough. Real speed-paint, probably, is still beyond me (and the proportions, to put it mildly, suffer), but I don’t want to stop; each drawing is a little challenge. when you are trying to make something high-quality and, ideally, beautiful from a blank sheet and a clumsy sketch. Starting and continuing to draw in order to reach the psychological point when it is no longer so scary and there is confidence that everything will be fine with the drawing, and understanding how to do this is important.

Conclusion from this drawing: perfect outlines are good, but it is not so important when there is no task to stylize the picture as something drawn (like the previous drawing from Overwatch), and also – for drawing with strokes, a simple round brush with sharp (or a little feathered) edges, with 20% transparency and adjusted diameters and transparency adjustments based on pen pressure. You don’t even have to use line smoothing here – when you draw with short strokes and layering line by line, the smoothness of the line is not so important than when the task is to make a stylized drawing like here. With such a simple brush, you can paint almost anything – the main thing is to start and do it.

Do what you love and believe in it.