Video Games Icons

Фейт ("Mirror's Edge", 2008), Лара Крофт ("Tomb Raider", 2013), Элизабет ("Bioshock Infinite", 2013), капитан Шепард ("Mass Effect", 2007-2012) и Аликс Вэнс ("Half Life 2" и "Half Life 3", 2004-2007, ...). Бумага, ручка.

Runner Faith (“Mirror’s Edge”, 2008), extreme archaeologist Lara Croft (“Tomb Raider”, 2013), naive Elizabeth (“Bioshock Infinite”, 2013), brave Captain Shepard (“Mass Effect”, 2007-2012) and faithful, smart Alix Vance (“Half Life 2” and “Half Life 3”, 2004-2007, …).

Pen on paper.

P.S. I know that Half Life 3 will most likely never come out. But still – hope dies last.