Game of Thrones Review (2011-2019) – Khaleesi, how so ?!

Egh, the ending of “Game of Thrones” – is generally some kind of terrible thing.

The end of the eighth and final season is weak, even with a discount on all the good and beautiful dramatic moments in the previous episodes, concluding the story arcs of the important minor characters. The transformation of one of the main characters into an antihero, and the most vile villainess into a defenseless martyr, was cool. But everything else … the political, haha, final of the War for the Iron Throne (a very unexpected king) and the fate of Jon Snow were particularly disappointing. 😢

All we have is to wait until grandfather George R. Martin will finish the remaining books in the cycle (the last seasons of the series were filmed separately) – and so … I don’t even know, now it’s a little scary for the new Star Wars films, which will be written and directed by the authors of the series Game of Thrones by David Benioff and JB Weiss.


In A Parallel Universe…

…where Game of Thrones would have had yet another season detailing Khaleesi’s ferocity after conquering King’s Landing and turning her into the Mad Queen, I would rate the show like that. But since we have what we have, then …



Sorry to those who fell in the Battle of Winterfell, you died in vain. Winter has come, but everyone has forgotten about it.