Lunar Surface (Work-In-Progress)

Little by little, in my spare time, I polish the test scene for the cartoon – while it is, without optimization for fast rendering. Moon Dust will take place on the Moon in the 1980s, and therefore it is imperative that the environment is convincing. So far it turns out like this:

Визуализация лунной поверхности (3ds Max + Vray).

In a panoramic view, it looks like this (hold and drag to move camera; the panorama can be expanded to full screen, like Google Street View):

Another shot of the lunar surface:

Visualization of the lunar surface (3ds Max + Vray).

The most difficult thing was to scatter the pebbles over the entire area – until I realized that you could render to a texture with the same lighting separately and set up a complex material with a non-uniform overlay so that you would not see the repeatability of textures.

Lunar soil stones (Single view).