Resident Alien Review (2021, SyFy)

Moderately funny, humorous and ridiculous series about an evil (of course) alien who crashes (they always do that) somewhere in the American hinterland –

and is forced to pretend to be an ordinary earthling until he finds all the parts of his ship and will not fulfill the not entirely justified goal of his long journey – to kill all humans.

The series deliberately does not deconstruct the genre, it just takes all the established genre clichés (humanoids, people in black, strangers among us, crazy ufologists, probes and abductions – you yourself have seen it all a million times in “The X-Files” and newspaper tabloids) and chuckles at them a little. The plot is predictable, the season finale is read from the very first episode, but the show is based on the talent of the main actor, Alan Tudik (“Firefly”, “Fatal Patrol”), who plays on an evil outside, but shy and responsive inside reptilian with a characteristic poor facial expressions, who considers himself smarter than anyone else in the world, but whose villainous plans always fail (“The evil that does good”, as according to Bulgakov), there are also several cool characters in the story like the lively, but loyal and strong alcoholic Darcy, who grows strongly towards the end season, and a funny couple of police officers from a dull dark-skinned sheriff who smacks misogynistic nonsense, and his quiet assistant who does all the work, and even then they value the dog more, they even pour tea in order not to get sick. There is also a too clever boy along with a Muslim classmate, and the second main character Asta, who is just adequate in moderation and comes from the Indians. Oh, and for another ten minutes the heroine of Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor from Terminator 2) appears, who, I hope, will still show herself in the second season – you don’t want him that much, but, on the other hand, why not and no.

It seemed to me that the script for the show was written a little lazily,

many jokes were based on banal deception of expectations and simple, predictable morality, and the fantastic part of the story is written in broad and transparent strokes, there is no universe and world with its laws here. Some references to real (and harmful, let me tell you) conspiracy theories, dumb newspaper stories, and fueled by unconfirmed stories and bad films on the Discovery Channel at four in the morning mass hysteria. I will take the side of Karl Sagan, mass culture should not only entertain, but also educate, help the scientific picture of the world, and not spread ignorance. The images of the same type of evil aliens striving to capture one of the 300,000,000 potentially inhabited planets from the most ordinary star or crazy scientists who in reality work to make you have the Internet faster or more different vaccines against the Chinese virus – this certainly does not make the world a better place, believe me. …

For the rest – a soulful show to watch once,

cheap and not particularly diligently done, but entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous. You can look at “Kinopoisk” by registration – if you do not find fault, then it may well go. I apologize in advance for insulting the feelings of believers in flat earth, paleocontacts and staging of the lunar program.


Alan Tudik is cool

Тo play at the same time an evil, defenseless and blissful character with insidious intentions – requires some real talent 💪