Star Wars: Battlefront II Review (2017)

The single player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II (as, alas, the last films in the series) is a complete disappointment 😢

A series of scattered episodes, almost unrelated to each other, led by a new heroine, a stormtrooper girl of the Empire, and her relationship with the members of the squad. Visually, everything looks very good, the story cutscenes are made almost like a movie, and in some episodes they allow such famous heroes of the saga as Princess Leia, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker himself to play, but there is no deep and coherent plot behind this. Just a set of episodes, almost sketches, starting where the films ended (Episode VII, Return of the Jedi), and ending with an epilogue almost in the style of the post-credits scenes in Marvel films. It is clear that the civil war in the Galaxy did not end with the destruction of the second Death Star, and it’s cool that the Emperor, it turns out, had some kind of plan in case of his death … but what was that plan? Why was Luke Skywalker looking for the Emperor’s Observatory? What the hell was Kylo Ren shown to us thirty years later, and how is he related to the main character? Isn’t she the mother of Rei herself from episodes seven through eight? (Googled – not a mother; this is just an advertisement for a new addition to the toy).

Del, Husk and Eden Version on mission (still from the game “Star Wars: Battlefront II”)

It is clear that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is not about history at all, the basis of the game is network shooters, and they are cool, spectacular, spectacular, complex. But still, since you have a storyline campaign for 3-5 hours and you say that just about, now we will tell you what is left behind the scenes of films and books, then be so kind as to do a little better. Fanfiction about a cool heroine who meets all the heroes in the world and they recognize her coolness, anyone can write. A good story requires a slightly different approach.

Del meets Luke Skywalker on a distant planet (still from Star Wars: Battlefront II).

Star Wars as it now tells its story in movies and games is a complete disappointment. It takes a miracle for Episode XVIII, Skywalker Rise, to fix it. And it is unlikely to happen.


Weak Story That Goes Nowhere

Basically single player is just an righ-looking blockbuster-style tutorial and that’s it. No impact on the main canon, no meaningful cameos. Disappointing.