Фейт ("Mirror's Edge", 2008), Лара Крофт ("Tomb Raider", 2013), Элизабет ("Bioshock Infinite", 2013), капитан Шепард ("Mass Effect", 2007-2012) и Аликс Вэнс ("Half Life 2" и "Half Life 3", 2004-2007, ...). Бумага, ручка.

Video Games Icons

Faith (Mirror’s Edge), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Elizabeth (Bioshock: Infinite), Shepard (Mass Effect) and Alix Vance (Half-Life 2) in one picture.

Японская девушка. Бумага, ручка.

Portrait of a Japanese girl

Why playing games, it is her. The most interesting thing did not get into the drawing though. (Actually click-bait to get you on my site to watch something else)

Пони Искорка (стилизовано). Глина, гуашь.

Pony (Japanese Style)

Clay figurine of a pony from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” in the style of a Japanese artist from DeviantArt.