Finished Projects:

Moon Dust (Indie Graphic Novel 18+)

1985 year. A wounded astronaut in a broken spacesuit runs with all his might to get to the spaceship’s landing platform. What happened to him and the other members of the renewed Apollo program? What exactly were they looking for on the far side of the moon? To find the answer, you need to travel back a few years earlier, when NASA scientists decided to study in more detail the old samples of lunar soil and did not believe their eyes …

Here are some of the reviews it got on DeviantArt 👉

I took a lot of effort in drawing writing and this comics. At first it was an idea “What if we’d go back to the Moon again?” and “What if there’s something evil hiding on the Dark Side of the Moon, some sort of a different kind of mind?

My last flight has begun…

Anthony Howell, NASA Astronaut

A little teaser from the middle of the story 👇

"Лунная пыль" - Фразмент (Англ.)

Are You Ready To Go Deep Into The Nightmare?

Continuum Quest (Short Comics)

1938, Oxford. A young student and inventor Ed Preyfield meets the idol of his life, Albert Einstein … and witnesses his disappearance! It seems that it is impossible to rectify the situation, but there is simply no such word for him.

It’s just a small and somewhat funny prequel for the story I’m writing right now

It was more like an experimental thing to challenge if I can make a small comics at my or or not. Plus I was starting to work on the characters of the bigger and complex story and it seems quite fun to portray main hero during his youth years. Was it a good try?.. I don’t know, but it was definitely worthy of time to spend 😊

We must save Einstein, fellows! But the question is not how we’ll do it but when…

Ed Prayfield, yound student

Let me know if you’d like more comics like this!

Work In Progress:

Лунная пыль (Анимационный фильм)
“Moon Dust” CG Animated Short Film
[Status: Frozen]

In 1986, the United States and the USSR are going to establish the first lunar base. But the space station, which is the heart of the future colony, is wrecked. And now astronauts will have to survive where no man’s foot has yet set foot – on the dark side of the moon …

Эдвард Прейфилд и гибель Вселенной (Иллюстрация)
“Preyfield And The Madman Of Tomorrow”, Adventure Retro Sci-Fi Novel
[Status: Active]

The brilliant scientist is going through a deep personal crisis when, by chance, he encounters a mystery that threatens the existence of the universe, and, together with old and new friends from all over the world, rushes into his most incredible adventure.