Moon Dust (Graphic Novel 18+)

1986 year. A wounded astronaut in a broken spacesuit runs with all his might to get to the spaceship’s landing platform. What happened to him and the other members of the resumed Apollo program? What exactly were they looking for on the far side of the moon? To find the answer, you need to travel back a few years earlier, when NASA scientists decided to study the old samples of lunar soil in more detail and did not believe their eyes, as you can see online since now a days you can do a lot of things online from looking at the space to playing games in the yabby casino and much more.

Sci-fi comics inspired by 2001 A Space Odyssey and Solaris.

  • Black And White
  • 28 Pages
  • Science Fiction / Horror
  • 18+
"Лунная пыль" - Фразмент (Англ.)

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