Motion Design

Commercial With Object Integration In Video

(“World Of Childhood”, Russia)

Cartoons In Your Store

This project was quite interesting to implement: the customer asked to fill the interior of the store in live video with animated characters, leaving enough creative freedom. For this video, I filmed, stabilized and tracked the video, placed and partially animated flat cartoon heroes made on a green background; where it was needed, I added reflections on the floor, shadows and intersections with real objects. The video was edited in Adobe After Effects.

Mini Film With Simple CG Character

How Was It Made?

And this project was even more interesting. It was required, relying on the customer’s ideas, to write a script in a short time, shoot scenes with real people, simulate and animate a computer character, insert it into the video footage and edit the final mini-film with sound, music and effects. With the help of a professional cameraman, we completed the video filming in a day, it took about two weeks to CG and compose.

Partial tracking and video compositing was done in Adobe After Effects, most of the tracking was done in Boujou, simple character animation – 3ds Max + Vray, editing – Sony Vegas. The length of the video was just over six minutes. Below are a few scenes in GIF format (The project was completed in 2016).

Commercials For Bus Ad Screens

(LLC “7 Art”, Russia)

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