Graphic Design

Eurobooklet And Menu

(“Golden Rice”, Russia)


This is a very recent (September 2019) and quite technical, but interesting order in its own way. A café with a very large assortment of dishes ordered the design of a non-standard euro booklet by design, which only required a little development. I decided to do the same as I do with catalogs, and make up everything at once in Adobe InDesign (I love this layout program, it’s wildly convenient) instead of the default for all local designers Corel Draw. And why didn’t this thought occur earlier?

After approvals and launch, an order came for the redesign of ready-made menus, in the same style. This is a good sign. As a result, a lot had to be recalled, but in the end the result came out neat and competent. Such orders are good because they can be done more or less quickly, they require concentration and attentiveness, and also allow you to practice in design as such and typography, which I love very much. So is sushi. Domo Arigato!

Huge Furniture Catalog

(LLC “Empire”)

There’s 60 pages including cover in this catalog, almost everythng was made by me..

Eurobooklet №2

(Advertising Company “ArtSoyuz”, Russia)

A visual on the inner side of the eurobooklet, clearly showing the entire range of services provided.

Old booklet design, 2014 version. Strange, but I still like it.

9th May – Banners


Business cards and discount cards

Illustration Commisions

(Happy Customers Around The World)

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