Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Review (2019)

Wow. This is more than just another fantastic action movie about heroes who have become a part of pop culture.

This is truly the finale, the last chapter of a story that is grand in scale and emotional intensity.

A movie that is merciless to the viewer, running for three hours and stopping the heart several times. A meta-film that connects and completes all the previous films in the series, starting with “Iron Man”. In places it is very heavy, sad and touching, in fact, it evokes a feeling of catharsis several times. At the same time, it is surprisingly smart, unexpected, sometimes even overcomplicated – in some moments you have to seriously strain your brains and memory in order to understand what is happening in general and why. The sci-fi side of the plot is interesting and fresh, and the humor and situational jokes, despite the overall tone of the film, are very good. I think now we can already say that “The Avengers” is the greatest, largest, multifaceted, integral and large-scale series of adventure films with a single meta-plot and a shared universe in history. And the epic, reaching at the culmination of an almost mythological scale, “Finale” is the real pinnacle of this canvas, completing the stories of its main characters once and for all.
It’s hard to say anything else.


Marvel ❤

Great. End of an era.

Don’t go to this movie just for the hype or because everyone is coming,

if you haven’t watched at least the main films of the series, and even more so the first part of the plot, “Infinity War”. Look at at least some reviews of the Marvel universe on YouTube, otherwise it will be difficult to understand why a raccoon with a cannon jokes caustically, and what does a talking tree have to do with it.

Please don’t read spoilers and other reviews. The less you know about the plot, the better and more unexpected. And don’t forget a teardrop wrap if you’re a girl and / or an impressionable person. Tears of sadness, joy and sorrow are normal.