Moon Dust (CG Film Project)

Animation Film (Status: Paused)

Main Character (Test Render)

1986 year. A Soviet-American research mission, equipped with the latest technology, is sent to the moon to lay the foundation for the first lunar base. But the space station unexpectedly crashes and its crew will have to make an unplanned landing where no human has ever set foot – on the dark side of the moon …

Sci-fi animated film based on the graphic novel of the same name. The project is at an early stage of development and whether it will be completed at all is a big question. But I want to believe that someday everything will work out and little by little this dream will come true – perhaps not without your help.

Лунная поверхность - Тестовый рендер пролета камеры ("Лунная пыль")
Lunar surface – Test render of camera flyby (“Moon dust”)

Current Status: Paused


Extended Script Polising
+ Early Development Planning

Do You Want To Participate?

Let me know if you’re interested!
I’d be happy if you can help me to make my dream true and finish this project in a life time 😉 But seriously, I’ll be happy if you’ll want to reach out to me with some questions or ideas, – we’re better united.

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