Villanelle and Eve (“Killing Eve”)

“Killing Eve” is a British comedy-drama series about the confrontation between a clumsy MI6 agent and a half-insane killer, whose relationship is very interesting to watch. Now the third season of this story is underway (you can see it on Kinopoisk) and it seemed interesting to me to try to draw its heroes.

Of course, it doesn’t smell like a portrait resemblance, but one day it will definitely start to work out. When Villanelle drew (first a sketch on paper, then everything else on a computer with a tablet), he set two goals: to follow his pipeline (I described it here) and to meet a reasonable time.

All together it took 3.5 hours – not a speedpaint, but a step in the right direction.

The idea spontaneously arose to draw Eve as well – especially since, due to her rather characteristic appearance, it would be easier to achieve similarities. It turned out like this:

This work also took about three hours.

Well, since the heroines have already been drawn separately, why not put them next to each other:

These two drawings were much easier to draw than the previous ones. I realized that I like to draw out paths with a specific brush, paint shadows and highlights with a different brush, and fine-tune the lighting by spot applying levels, overlay layers and other tricks. I think that after a hundred or two drawings the level will be much better – and I am not going to stop on the way to this goal.

And as a small bonus – a small caricature of these characters, from which it all began.